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Nautical Pilot Ladder With 9 Steps

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A nautical pilot ladder with 9 steps is a critical equipment for the safe transfer of marine pilots and personnel between ships and boats. The ladder features 9 sturdy wooden steps securely fastened to two side ropes. A spreader bar connects the side ropes, providing stability and ensuring the ladder stays in place during use. The ladder is easily attached to a ship using metal hooks and a secure hoisting system. The evenly spaced steps allow for easy climbing in rough sea conditions. The ladder may have some wear and tear, including fraying on the rope sections and marks on the wood, but this only adds to its authentic charm. If needed, you can cut the rope to remove one or two steps and adjust the ladder’s length. A picture with brackets shows how the ladder will look and function on your wall.


Length: 9 Ft
Step Length: 21″
Width: 4″
Thickness: 1″
Weight: 22 lbs.

Aluminum Mounting Bracket:
Overall Length: 3″
Round Mount: 2 1/2″ with three mounting holes
Rectangular Mount: 2 1/4″ with two mounting holes
Gap In-Between Brackets: 1 3/4″
Weight: 1 oz.


*Mounting option comes with 2  aluminum mounting brackets, no hardware is included*

**If you are looking for a custom length or style not listed contact us, we may have what you are looking for! Contact us via email, call, or text.**

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