Suez Canal Search Light - Unique Find

A Few Rules of Navigation:

Before transiting the Canal, the vessel should be provided with a
searchlight (projector) complying with the following conditions and
(1) It should be placed on the bow in the axis of the vessel and show the
Canal clearly.
(2) Specifications are as follows:
a) Minimum range of radiation of single beam 1800 m. ahead
(Brightness of 1 LUX approx, at the atmospheric transmission factor
T = 0.85).
b) The power of the lamp must give a luminous intensity of single light
beam not less than 3 x 10 (3 million) candles, which is equivalent to
a high efficiency incandescent lamp of:
1 - 2000 watt for vessels up to 30000 SC.G.T.
2 - 3000 watt for vessels over 30000 SC.G.T.
3 - Or any kind of lamps which that fulfills the specifications,
under item (2) above and to be of the non explosive type.

If electrical connections and/or searchlight are not in conformity, the vessel is liable to transit only in day-time, and therefore, subject to delay. An additional due of (5000 U.S. Dollars) will be imposed when the searchlight and/or electrical connections are not in conformity at the second transit and each following transit.

Suez Canal Rules of Navigation

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