Signs You Have Found a Valuable Nautical Antique

If you are going to put a great deal of money into purchasing nautical antiques then you need to know when you have found something truly valuable. While value is not important to all nautical antique collectors, it is extremely important to others. Antiques have a better chances of retaining their value than furniture and other items you would purchase at a traditional store. If you have a nautical-themed home already, you know that nautical antiques can add a sense of history, warmth, and character to your home.

Keeping Your RADAR Open

If you plan on purchasing an antique based on value you need to keep your RADAR out for values. RADAR is an acronym for:

  • Rarity
  • Aesthetics
  • Desirability
  • Authenticity
  • Really great condition

When you find a nautical-themed antique that meets all of these standards, then you know you have found a valuable antique.


You may be wondering what makes something rare. Well, several things, actually.

  • Very few of the items were ever made
  • It comes in an uncommon shape or size
  • An unusual or rare color of the item
  • Very few of the original product pieces remain
  • It is not reproduced

Aesthetics and Desirability

Aesthetics is fairly self-explanatory. If you look at the item and it is attractive, appealing, and has no major flaws, then the aesthetics of the item are intact. Aesthetics are very important to some antique collectors while others are more concerned more with the authenticity as well as the rarity of the item. It simply depends on the person who is purchasing it.

Desirability simply refers to how popular it is in the current market. It is something that nautical antique collectors are finding desirable? Will it be something that your friends are envious of?

Authenticity and Really Great Condition

Before you purchase an item you want to make sure that it is authentic and not a copy of the original. You need to make sure that the artist, time period, and type of material is exactly like the original. If at all possible you want to purchase an antique that is in either mint or excellent condition.

Finding a rare nautical antique may seem challenging, but if you have experience with antiques it should come fairly easy to you. Take your time to make sure the item is authentic before you spend a lot of money on it. Do you need help searching for nautical antiques? Talk to the experts at Big Ship Salvage or visit their website to find out more about different types of antiques.