Outdoor Nautical Lighting

Many of you would give almost anything to be in my back pocket on a day like this!!  After several days of traveling and some less than desirable Bangladeshi food, I am ready to go see the lights that are ready to be removed from this retired car transport vessel. I will point out a few interesting facts out the beached ship behind me. First of all, it has been carefully cut in half. The fresh marks in the beach sand still show the drag marks left by a massive section of steel that is now missing. When I say missing, it was gone! Cut up by hundreds of workers just before we reached the project. Check out the ladder leaning up on the side of the vessel. It was made of bamboo and rope, and must have been 25 feet tall. This was our only access to this beached vessel, and the climb up was no fun. Each layer or deck of the exposed ship was designed to park hundreds of newly built cars. The removed cargo was not special, but we salvaged hundreds of those smaller ceiling lights you see normally listed in the Small Lights category of our website.