The small brass lights found in this category are some of my favorites. These special little lights can be the perfect choice for hallway lighting, closet lighting, or even kitchen lighting. But, let’s not forget about all of the outdoor uses these small brass lights can be used for.

Like most of our nautical lights we have to offer, the lights in this category have been rewired with UL-Listed parts (bulb sockets and wiring). Today you may notice more and more of our lights have a green wire exiting the lights with the normal wiring. This green wire is the ground wire that makes your electrical contractor happy and makes your selection useable in a wet location.

Many of the small brass lights we offer will require some different choices when buying a bulb. Because these lights are smaller by design, the average full size bulb used in a typical light may be too long. Just keep this in mind when buying your bulbs – you will need a short neck bulb, or what is sometimes referred to as an appliance bulb. Most retail stores offer a wide selection of bulbs and finding a short neck bulb to fit these lights is not an issue.