Ship Tableware

Ship tableware is highly desirable among those that collect cruise and ocean liner memorabilia.  The class and elegance of these ocean liners and cruise ships is almost a bygone era today.  Back in those times, meals were quite extensive, with many courses served during each service of the voyage.  Beautiful tableware accompanied these meals.  There was a special dish, plate, or pitcher for every item on the menu.  In addition, there was fine silver for serving the chefs’ creations.
Every ship had its own design or logo embellished on its china.  Some of these lines are identified below and some are still a mystery.
In this category are some lovely pieces of ship tableware we have been able to salvage.  These pieces are from liners and cruise ships that have met their fates in the scrapyards.  I’m sure if they could talk, they could tell a story that would keep us enthralled!

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