Authentic brass wall lights and passageway lights can provide your project with that costal living warmth.

The innovative design of our authentic brass wall lights allows them to be used indoors or out. Our lights arrive at your door rewired and ready to install.

Most of our authentic brass wall lights are vintage or antique nautical lights. We have reclaimed them for your residential or commercial use. We have authentic brass bulkhead lights that come in matched pairs, or in sets of several matched pieces. Some of these brass wall lights have red or green glass globes, others have clear glass globes. You may even notice that we have added rain caps in brass or copper to a select group of lights. But whichever model you choose, all of our brass nautical light fixtures have been thoroughly updated with new wiring and a Westinghouse UL-Listed bulb fixture.

Customers find these brass nautical lights are ideal for use in both interior or exterior projects, and make great lighting for your boathouse or dock. We also carry replacement glass globes for our bulkhead lights, so even though these authentic nautical lights contain both original and recast parts, you can always get the piece you need. Browse our selection of beautiful, authentic brass passageway lights today!

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