P13: Antique Bottles

Before BigShipSalvage.com was ever started, our owner was a very active in collecting antique bottles. Antique bottles can become a very interesting hobby that can be enjoyed on a budget, or can become a high dollar investment.
Our personal bottle collection started one day while I was out walking my dog and stumbled into the remains of an old farm dump in northern Indiana. This dump was on a dirt hillside that due to soil erosion had become exposed. I started going to this hillside to dig old bottle in my spare time. After finding a few five gallon buckets of bottles, I located a man that had been collecting bottles for years. I learned that some of my bottles were worth nothing, and some were worth a few bucks, but all were interesting treasures.
Some 25 years later, I have to say my collection is rather extensive. After starting my bottle collection in Indiana, a change in my employment landed us in Sarasota, Florida. This was all about the time eBay was getting off the ground. In short, I started selling my dug bottles and buying bottles that were more rare. One thing lead to another, and I joined a bottle collectors club in the local area.
We have started this new category for antique bottles because many people who collect nautical items are also interested in antique bottles. Not all of my bottles will be shipwreck bottles, but you can tell the story however you want once you buy them.

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