Adding nautical décor to your home can be much easier than you may think. There are several ways to go about it, whether you want big, bold pieces or subtle yet attention-grabbing touches. But exactly what does nautical décor consist of, and how you can incorporate it into your space?

Elements of Nautical Interior Design

Many people often combine elements of nautical and coastal décor, and while the two can overlap on a design level, they’re actually different. Nautical interior design features the maritime aspect of the ocean, such as ship wheels, compasses, maps, portholes, anchors and boats. White and navy blue are popular hues within the color scheme, while wood and brass are popular materials. 

Coastal décor, on the other hand, is a style of interior design that is inspired by the beach and ocean. It typically incorporates natural elements such as seashells and driftwood, as well as colors and textures that evoke the feeling of being near the water, such as shades of blue and green, sandy beige, and crisp white. Coastal and nautical décor don’t have to be used exclusive of each other, and can complement each other in your overall style.

Incorporating Nautical Antiques Into Your Decor 

There is no shortage of nautical antiques you can include in your décor. It’s just a matter of finding the ones that most resonate with you. You could focus on one or two rooms or strategically scatter the nautical décor throughout your home. 

Authentic nautical flags are eye-catching and can be used to spell out your initials. Nautical rope ship ladders are another maritime antique that can be repurposed in a wide range of ways, from bunk bed ladders to shelving and more. Our nautical home furnishings include a number of pieces that can inspire you and evoke a seaside feeling, from coffee tables made from ship’s hatches to artwork and models of various ships.

The type of nautical antiques to incorporate into your décor depends on several factors, especially the size of your space. For example, if you have a small bathroom, you’ll likely want to use smaller décor than what you would put in your living room. Wall décor, like a ship wheel, can be ideal for tight spaces. Spacious areas might be able to accommodate items ranging in size, from small lanterns to a ship’s wheel.

Subtle Nautical Décor Touches

You still have many nautical décor elements you could put in your home if you want to take a subtler approach to your decorating. Blue and white striped bedding, a sailboat-pattern throw blanket and anchor-themed throw pillows are just a few pieces to consider. Various lighting options, such as brass, copper, aluminum or stainless steel pendant lights over a kitchen counter, are subtle while still providing a distinct design element.

Options for Antique and Salvaged Nautical Lighting

Many types of nautical lighting would look fantastic in your home. One of the biggest benefits is that it has antique-style nautical characteristics while still having a classic style that can work well in many homes, even if they don’t sport a nautical theme. 

Because salvaged lighting once graced different areas of ships, they can typically get used outdoors and indoors and hold up to inclement weather. Some versatile options include:

  • Wall sconces. These are ideal for small areas because they’re wall-mounted and won’t require floor or table space. 
  • Pendant lighting. This type of lighting consists of a single light fixture hanging from the ceiling. They’re typically set in a line of two or three, but even just one can provide the perfect lighting for your kitchen island. 
  • Ceiling lights. These lights tend not to be exceptionally large, making them ideal for compact spaces like hallways. One of the styles you’ll usually see features a glass globe contained within a metal cage. 

The easiest way to start with nautical decoration is to walk through your rooms and see what current items you could replace or where you have room to incorporate new options. 

When you’re ready to outfit your home or beach house with maritime décor, Big Ship Salvage has everything you need! Shop with us or contact us for more information on any of our salvaged nautical pieces.