How to Make Your Own Portside and Starboard Lights

Have you been looking for a pair of navigation lights with red and green glass globes? As you’ve probably noticed, it’s uncommon to find an authentic set of Portside and Starboard lights in this day and age. A set of navigation lights is an iconic item in the nautical antiques world – and we wish that we could keep them in stock more for our customers. One day we were talking to a customer on the phone about a set of lights, inquiring if we had them with red and green glass globes, instead of the clear globes.

Realizing how many people probably had this same thought, we knew that if we could find a creative solution, it could benefit more than just this one customer. Seeing that we couldn’t source red and green glass globes that would fit our unique lights – the only other option was the light bulb. We ran to our nearest big box store and looked for a set of red/green LED light bulbs.

The end result turned out great! The lighting in our warehouse for this video wasn’t great, so the green light appears a lot brighter. These could also be wired with dimmers, which would allow for a softer light. Additionally, when you’re done showing off the Portside and Starboard lights, you could insert clear light bulbs back into the lights.