Everglade City Seafood Festival 2023

Ahoy there, fellow sailors and seafarers! I am thrilled to share with you my recap of our recent trip to Everglade City for the Everglade City Seafood Festival. This was our first year attending this festival, since it happened to fall on the weekend before the Islamorada Nautical Flea Market. We thought that it’s location in Florid was a good opportunity to showcase our nautical lighting and antiques to seafood lovers and maritime enthusiasts from all over Southern Florida.

First of all, I have to say that Everglade City is an absolute gem of a town, tucked away in the heart of the Florida Everglades. The festival takes place in the historic downtown area, which is home to charming old buildings and friendly locals who are proud to showcase their unique coastal heritage.

As soon as we arrived, we set up our booth and began showcasing our brass nautical lighting fixtures, ship salvage items, and other maritime antiques to festival-goers. We were thrilled to see how much interest there was in our products, and many visitors stopped by to chat with us and ask questions about our inventory.

One of the highlights of the festival was, of course, the seafood. Everglade City is famous for its fresh seafood, and the festival did not disappoint. We saw people walking around with plates of succulent shrimp, freshly shucked oysters, and fresh lobster dishes. The atmosphere was lively, with music playing, people laughing, and the salty scent of the sea wafting through the air.

Another highlight of the festival was the array of activities and events on offer. The Marshall Tucker Band was a big draw for people attending, amongst a number of other live entertainment on the mainstage. We were thrilled to meet so many fellow nautical enthusiasts and to share our love of maritime antiques and lighting with them. If you haven’t been to Everglade City, I would recommend checking it out if you’re in the area. The town’s rich maritime heritage and delicious seafood make it a unique experience. Thanks for reading, and we’ll see you at the next festival!