Crew Hospitality Group Restaurants

“Founded by brothers and lifelong sailors, Alex and Miles Pincus, Crew is an innovative hospitality group that creates and operates experience focused restaurants and maritime ventures.” Alex and Miles have been working with Big Ship Salvage for several years now. They began their business ventures in 2006 with a sailing camp for kids while also providing sailing lessons for adults and occasional sailboat charters. Seeing how much fun everyone had on their boats, traveling up and down the Hudson gave the brothers an idea that changed the course of their life. They opened up the Grand Banks, the Pilot, and eventually four other maritime themed restaurants. All of a sudden, they were providing one of the most unique dining experiences that anyone could have in New York City. Full service dining, on a boat, while taking in the view of the New York skyline. Articles from Forbes, the Times, and critically acclaimed foodie review websites began pouring in.

The Pincus brothers have purchased post lights, portholes, bells, wall sconces and much more from us. If you ever have a chance, be sure to stop by one of their beautiful restaurants.

Crew Restaurants

Grand Banks
Drift In
Island Oyster

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