Front View Ship

Come on in, let’s see what they have to offer today! This vessel was recently intentionally beached for a complete salvage. Each shipyard has its own way of getting items off the vessel and up onto the beach for sorting. This was a rather interesting start to this project; they were lucky enough at high tide to get ample speed to drive it this far up on the beach.  Piece by piece everything that can and will be salvaged is pulled out of this massive 5 story opening. Yes, it would not be uncommon over the next few days to see compasses, brass lights, the dinner dishes, and even the kitchen equipment carried off the vessel by hundreds of workers. The hull of the vessel is dark, dirty, and full of hazards caused by the salvage operation. With the right eye, we will carefully select the cargo we will reclaim on a project this size.

The Rope Locker


Here is a shout-out for my good friends Jim and Kathleen. They own The Rope Locker over in Felton, Delaware. Jim may be a salesman in the eyes of a normal person walking past, but the truth is, he is a talented craftsman. Jim may sell rope from his traveling workshop, but he can and will splice rope to make custom dock lines. Not to be confused with the spliced rope lines you see sold in plastic bags, he starts with good rope and his pride in ownership of the final product is like a work of art. If you need rope, call Jim at 302-284-4587, and tell him you spotted him on!

Bangladesh Boats

Honey, where did you park the boat today? This photo was taken a few miles up the beach from one of the big international ship breaking yards we visit. No, we do not bring these back to the shop, but it was such an interesting photo I wanted to share with you. Every day a new vessel arrives at one of the international ship breaking yards. Nothing goes to waste. The reclaimed life boat shells end up being used by the coastal fishing crews in mostly third world countries. The make good working vessels, as they are built to withstand some of the worst conditions.