Click on the photo to see additional views of this Small Port Side Position Light for sale.

This Small Port Side Position Light measures 8 1/4 inches tall. The widest point of this light is 5 inches. It has two mounting legs on the bottom that are 4 inches on center of each other. The globe is glass, and undamaged. Globe is true red glass! This light has been freshly re-wired with UL-Listed parts rated for up to 250 volts. This light weighs about 3 1/2 pounds.

This Small Port Side Position Light can be used inside or outside, but if used outside it is best if the globe is pointed towards the ground to reduce the issues with water getting inside the bulb area.

This Small Port Side Position Light constructed of all brass with some weathering. When changing the bulb, the globe and cage unscrew as one piece making it easy to change the bulb. A normal screw in house bulb of 60 watts or less will work great in this light.

Just one Small Port Side Position Light like this in stock so you will be shipped the light shown in the photos!

In general sailing vessels are required to carry a green light that shines from dead ahead to 2 points (22½°) abaft the beam on the starboard side (the right side from the perspective of someone on board facing forward), a red light from dead ahead to two points abaft the beam on the port side (left side) and a white light that shines from astern to two points abaft the beam on both sides.