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Vintage Boston Chelsea Clock With Inscription




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Product Description

Witness the Vintage Boston Chelsea Clock With Inscription—a testament to the exceptional quality and artistry of the Boston Clock Co. Crafted from brass, the clock gracefully sits on a dark wooden base. Notably, the brass rim bears an inscription: “RAIN OR SHINE – I LOVE YOU 6-28-84.” This heartfelt message reveals it to be a gift given almost 40 years ago. The clock remains in remarkable condition, although its working condition is currently unknown.

This exquisite Chelsea Clock serves as an aneroid barometer, measuring atmospheric pressure without fluids like mercury. Instead, it relies on a vacuum and a hollow metallic diaphragm. Changes in pressure move the black indicator hand on the dial. You can manually position the gold hand over the black hand to determine if the pressure is rising or falling. Established in 1884, the company underwent a change in ownership in 1897 when Charles Pearson acquired and renamed it the Chelsea Clock.

This item is being sold as is.


Glass Diameter: 4″
Face Diameter: 5 1/2″
Base Diameter: 5 3/4″
Thickness: 2 1/2″
Weight: 4 lb.

Height: 3/4″
Width: 5 3/4″
Thickness: 1 3/4″


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