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Japan Radio Company Frame Bell




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If you’re a lover of vintage maritime collectibles, then you won’t want to miss out on the Japan Radio Company Frame Bell. This stunning piece is the epitome of nautical charm and is sure to impress all who lay their eyes on it. This bell has stood the test of time and remains a testament to the ingenuity of past maritime engineers.

The Japan Radio Company Frame Bell was once an essential component of shipboard safety, helping to alert crew members of potential hazards on long voyages. The bell is secured in place by an intricately designed frame that adds to the overall aesthetic appeal of the piece.

*While the working condition of the bell is not verified, it is sure to be a great addition to any collection or vintage décor. You may be able to restore it to ring again.  It is a stunning piece that is sure to be a conversation starter and a real focal point in your home.*

Whether you’re a seasoned collector of maritime memorabilia or simply appreciate the beauty of vintage pieces, the Japan Radio Company Frame Bell is a must-have item. Its timeless design and rich history make it a true treasure that will be cherished for years to come. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to own this unique and captivating piece of maritime history.


Height: 15.25″
Length: 6.5″
Width: 2.75″
Weight: 7 lbs.

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