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Vintage English Sound Powered Telephone

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Vintage English Sound Powered Telephone

This is a vintage English sound powered telephone that was salvaged off a decommissioned ship. The height of this telephone measures 12″ from bar to the bottom of the phone. The width is 11 inches and the phone will extend out from the wall 8.5 inches. The weight of this phone is 12.8 pounds.

This phone was produced in Tollesbury, Essex in England.

You will find some surface wear on this phone, which is as expected from years of use. The working condition of this phone has not been tested but we believe that it can be properly rewired and restored to it’s original working capacity.

We found a website that is specifically about sound-powered telephones and this is how they describe their importance/functionality: “In short, sound powered telephones are useful in any situation where two or more people must communicate who cannot hear or cannot see each other, when clear, reliable communications are imperative”

If you’re interested in learning more about sound-powered telephones and how exactly they work – check out this neat little website we found about them by clicking here!

You will be shipped the vintage sound powered telephone shown in the photos.

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