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Antique Polish Sound-Powered Telephone


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Antique Polish Sound-Powered Telephone

Looking to add an Antique Polish Sound-Powered Telephone to your collection? Sound-Powered telephones have been around since 1944 in one capacity or another. These devices would allow users to talk to each other without the use of external power. This would be used for both routine and emergency communication. The microphone transducer converts sound pressure from a user’s voice into an electric current, which is converted to sound by a transducer at the receiver’s end. Sound-Powered Telephones are still widely used on ships. The U.S. Coast Guard Regulations require this emergency communication capability in most vessels today and dictate where phones should be located.


This vintage rotary ship wall phone measures 16 inches tall not including the cords that hang down, the phone body itself is only 5.5 inches wide however with the hooks on the side make this piece 6.25 inches at the widest. When mounted to the wall it will extend out by about 6.5 inches and weighs 16 pounds.

Our rotary wall phone is in as-found condition with no verification of the working condition. It has not been restored at all! It was pulled from a German vessel and has German writing on several parts. It is a great historical piece and it displays very well!  Just the thing for your nautical themed room or office.

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