Triple Sheave Wooden Block Pulley Set



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Product Description

This is a Triple Sheave Wooden Block Pulley Set. These are our largest pulley in terms of sheaves, and almost our largest in terms of total size. Block and tackle are and were used to manually lift heavy loads. A system of two or more block pulleys with a rope threaded between makes a tackle & provides mechanical advantage allowing much more weight to be lifted.

On these wood block pulleys you will see a blue plaque and it reads WOODEN BLOCK- 240 MM, and ROPE: 26 MM. The other side is blank.  Overall the pulleys are in great condition but you will see some wear and scratch marks on them

You will need something strong enough to hang it or you could just lay it around to add to your nautical collection!


Height: 1.75″
Width: 3″
Length: 8″
Weight: 2 lbs.

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