Nautical Triple Sheave Wooden Pulley



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Product Description

The nautical triple sheave wooden pulley is a time-honored and practical tool utilized for rigging on ships and boats. It comprises a wooden frame that holds three grooved wooden wheels designed to accommodate a rope or line, thereby enabling the pulley to increase mechanical advantage when lifting or hoisting heavy objects. The wooden construction of the pulley is robust and durable, rendering it ideal for use in the marine environment, where exposure to moisture and salt is common. In addition, the pulley boasts an exquisite and classic design that imbues any vessel with a touch of nautical charm. Ultimately, the nautical triple sheave wooden pulley is an indispensable and trustworthy piece of equipment for seafarers. However, upon inspection, the pulley exhibits cracks and some wood has chipped off in certain areas.

Moreover, this nautical triple sheave wooden pulley can also be a valuable collectors’ item for those who appreciate vintage nautical equipment. Its historical significance as an essential tool for seafaring, combined with its elegant design and sturdy construction, make it an ideal addition to any collection of nautical artifacts. Even with the visible cracks and chipped wood, this pulley can still hold great value for collectors seeking to own a piece of maritime history. The imperfections of the pulley also add character and uniqueness, further enhancing its value and desirability.


Total Length: 17″
Body Length: 10 1/4″”
Width: 6 3/4″
Thickness: 9 3/4″
Weight: 31.5 lbs.

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