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Vintage German Brass Ceiling Light


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Antique Brass Ceiling Light

This Vintage German Brass Ceiling is weathered from years on the sea.

This vintage ceiling light is made of solid brass. There is a sticker on the inside of the glass globe in German that can be scraped away or left alone for authenticity. If mounted directly to the ceiling, this light will extend downwards 8.5 inches. On the bottom of the light, there are two mounting brackets to help fix this to the ceiling. The width of the mounting brackets is 5.5 inches. The light has two electrical plugs that have been plugged up. The diameter of the brass cage is just over 4.5 inches. It weights a hefty 7 pounds.

To access the bulb, loosen the tiny screw (located on the cage) then turn the cage to to access the globe that lifts out.

This light has been completely rewired with UL-Listed. The bulb socket takes a medium base bulb of 100 watts or less. The wiring is rated for any voltage under 250 volts. We have also installed a copper ground wire.

You will be shipped a Vintage German Brass Ceiling Light like the one shown in the photos.

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