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Introducing the Nautical Weathered Brass Ceiling Light – a unique piece of maritime history salvaged and repurposed for modern residential and commercial use. This light originally lined passageways on ships, but it has since been polished to a brilliant shine and rewired for safe and easy use in your home or business.

The light boasts a wide ribbed glass globe in excellent condition, and its base has a slight reddish tone with a weathered appearance. It exudes both vintage charm and modern functionality, and its durability makes it suitable for use indoors or outdoors, withstanding the elements while providing beautiful and warm lighting for any space.

Imagine this light illuminating a small hallway or adding a touch of elegance to your bathroom. It would also make a stunning addition to your outdoor entertainment areas, such as your pool or bar area. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to own a piece of history and add a unique touch to your home or business with the Nautical Weathered Brass Ceiling Light.


Height: 7″
Width: 5″
Mounting Arms: 3- 4″ apart
Weight: 3.5 lbs.


The light has been re-wired with all new UL-Listed parts, including a ground wire, that is rated for any voltage under 250 volts. The bulb holder takes a standard medium base, LED, or Edison bulb.

To access the bulb holder, unscrew the cage from the base.

**We offer a brass adapter plate that can help solve installation problems that you might encounter. At $20.00 apiece, the 6-inch brass adapter plate will mount over your existing junction box. Talk to us if you have any questions about the adapter plate.**

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