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Set of 4 - Vintage Industrial Aluminum Ceiling Lights


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Set of 4 – Vintage Aluminum Ceiling Lights

These vintage aluminum industrial ceiling lights each measure 10 inches in diameter.  When mounted to the ceiling, it will extend down by 5 inches.  The three feet on the back side require a mounting space at least 10 inches wide.

These lights were removed from a working ship being cut up for scrap and has wear & tear from years of sea travel.

These lights have been rewired with UL-listed wiring, including a ground wire.  The bulb socket is also UL-listed and takes up to 250 volts.  An ordinary light bulb or LED up to 75 watts can be used in this light.  To access the bulb area, simply turn the glass/cage section of the light to the point where it disconnects from the base of the light.

You will be shipped a set of 4 vintage industrial aluminum ceiling lights shown in the photos.

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