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10 Inch Polished Aluminum Pendant Ceiling Light


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Aluminum Pendant Ceiling Light

This 10 inch polished aluminium pendant ceiling light is a recent addition to our inventory.  This light will extend down from the ceiling about 10 inches.  It measures about 10 inches wide, including the aluminum cover.  The mount plate measures 6 inches in diameter with four mount holes. The down rod is around 2 inches.  The glass globe is ribbed and may need a bit of cleaning up.  The total weight is just under 4 pounds.

This light has been totally rewired with UL-Listed wiring with a ground wire and bulb holder that is rated for any voltage under 250 volts. The new bulb holder takes a medium base bulb of 75 watts or less.  To access the bulb fixture, merely unscrew the light at the base.

We have several pieces of this 10 inch polished aluminum pendant ceiling light in stock!


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