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Industrial Three Bar Tube Light - Ship's Machine Room Light


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Industrial Tube Light

This industrial three bar tube light measures about 8 inches tall if mounted directly to the ceiling, this is how much it will hang down. The length of this light measures 32 inches while the width is only 18 inches. The weight of this light is 37.5 pounds. We’ve already rewired this and installed a wall outlet plug for your convenience. The wall outlet cord is over 7 feet long.

This light is re-wired, including a ground wire.  The bulb socket is UL-Listed.  Rated to work under 250 volts. It takes a common screw in house bulb of 75 watts or less.  To access the bulb sock, remove the wing nuts on the lid.

You will be shipped a industrial three bar ceiling light like the one shown in the photos.

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