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Salvaged Brass Ceiling Light With Cover


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Salvaged Brass Ceiling Light

This is a salvaged brass ceiling light with cover that we are excited to share with you all. This ceiling light was originally without a cover but we’ve added one on for decoration. If you’d like to see some more lights of this style without the cover, be sure to check out our small nautical lights category.

This light has been totally rewired, including a ground wire, with all new UL-Listed parts rated for any voltage of 250 volts or less. The new bulb holder takes a normal screw-in house bulb of 75 watts or less.  A new hole was drilled on the back of the aluminum bulkhead light to allow the wiring to exit the light and not be visible.


Height: 6″ (length down from ceiling)
Diameter: 11″
Weight: 3.6 lbs.

You will be shipped the salvaged brass ceiling light with cover shown in the photos.


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