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Vintage Wooden Speed Boat Model

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I found this cool 1950’s vintage wooden speed boat model at a central Florida flea market. I am sure you are attracted to it for the same reasons I am. Just think, someone put hours of time into crafting this model. I am not sure if it is a kit model, or a scratch built model. I want to think it had to be a kit built model, but some parts of it have just enough signs to make me think someone built this one from scratch. Either way, this 20 inch long boat will make a great display piece on that shelf in your nautical themed room. The wood body is 7 1/2 inches wide. This vintage speed boat model will likely never race across the water again, but most collectors would be proud to display this within their collection.

The gas motor has no maker’s mark, but it is about the size of a Cox model airplane motor. Under the back seat you may see a bar extending out past the edge. This bar would control the rudder that would determine if the boat would run in a circle, or a straight line. The rudder on the bottom of the boat is missing, but the shaft is in place.

The construction of this model is mostly wood!

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