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Vintage Nautical Unpolished Aluminum Signal Lamp

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This vintage unpolished aluminum nautical signal lamp has been left in its salvaged condition. Signal lamps were invented in the late 19th century by Arthur Cyril Webb Aldis. They are often referred to as Aldis lamps or Morse lamps. These lights were mounted to the mastheads of ships or on pedestals. a signal lamp is a visual signaling device for communicating from a distance using light to carry information typically Morse code. These can be used during both day and night, they have even been used to illuminate the bases of clouds for communication beyond the horizon.

The housing on this signaling lamp is aluminum while the stand is cast iron. It has been in as found condition, the original paint is still on the outside.  The housing is 26 inches long with a 14 .5 inch diameter. It measures 23 inches tall with the base measuring 9 inches. The lens is 13.5 inches in diameter. It weighs just under 90 pounds.


Height: 23″
Width: 14.5″
Length: 26″
Glass Diameter: 13.5″
Base Diameter: 9″
Weight: 90 lbs

To operate the signaling apparatus, lift the signaling handle, located on each side of the lamp, up from the locked position, and turn it away from the light body. This opens the metal levers behind the lens.

This light has not been rewired or tested for safe operation.

You will be shipped the Vintage Nautical Unpolished Aluminum Signal Lamp shown in the photos. 

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