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Vintage CCCP Ship Rotary Dial Wall Telephone

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Introducing the vintage CCCP ship rotary dial wall telephone, a true classic in the world of telecommunication. This unique telephone was originally designed for use on Soviet ships and was built to withstand harsh maritime conditions.

Please note that the working condition of the CCCP ship rotary dial wall telephone is unknown. This vintage telephone is being sold as a collector’s item and may require restoration or repair to be fully operational.

Under the rotary dial is a plaque that features some intriguing wording, including VIII-81, СдEлAно B CCCP, and TAC-M N 1383. Our team believes that the Tac-M stands for Tactical Military. Additionally, the phone has a tan body and is housed in silver metal, providing a touch of retro charm that is perfect for any space.

This fully functional rotary dial telephone features a sturdy metal body and a sleek, streamlined design that would complement any decor. The phone is mounted on a wall plate that provides a secure and stable foundation, making it perfect for use in any setting. The rotary dial on this telephone has a satisfying, tactile feel that is reminiscent of a bygone era.

This vintage CCCP ship rotary dial wall telephone is not only a unique collector’s item but also a testament to the ingenuity and quality of Soviet-era engineering. It is sure to impress visitors with its impressive history, and unique design. The photos speak for themselves, so take a look and add this rare phone to your collection today.


Length: 17″
Width: 8″
Extends: 8.25″ (including bolts on base)
Weight: 20 lbs.

You will be shipped the Vintage CCCP Ship Rotary Dial Wall Telephone shown in the photos.

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