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Vintage Brass 6 Bar Brass Ceiling Light

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This Vintage 6 Bar Brass Ceiling Light is a unique addition to our inventory. It has 6 bars, 3 on each side, crossing to make a distinct pattern. This light has a different conduit design, they come out the sides on the back. Due to this design, it would not lay flush to the wall until we added these spacers to the light. This will allow you to flush mount the light to the ceiling or the wall. We provide the spacers but the screws are NOT sent with this item.  This light can also be used on a wall facing out and will point slightly down a few degrees to added light coverage.

This light is made of solid brass. It measures 9 inches in diameter. This light will extend down or out around  5.5 inches from its mounting surface. There are 3 mounting feet on the back. The original conduit openings on the back have been fitted with brass caps. The light weighs 10.4 pounds.


Diameter: 9″
Extends Down: around 5.5″
Weight: 10 Lbs.


The light has been re-wired with all new UL-Listed parts that are rated for any voltage under 250 volts. The bulb holder takes a medium base bulb of 75 watts or less, or you can use the newer compact fluorescent bulbs or LED lights with an Edison base.

To access the bulb holder, simply loosen 2 of the 3 winged nuts around the edge of the light and flip the top open.

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