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Russell and Stoll - Stunning Nautical Light (Cracked Cage)

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Russell and Stoll Manufacturing made a large variety of cast brass nautical lighting starting back during World War II. This 1950 stunning nautical light is what I consider to be a work of art. The heavy construction of this explosion proof light allows this stunning piece to weigh in at just under 21 pounds. Russell and Stoll made this light to measure 13 inches tall. The base measures 4 3/4 inches square with the widest section of the light housing measuring almost 7 inches wide. The undamaged glass globe is about 6 inches tall and has raised ribs on the interior surface that helps magnify the displacement of the light.

The design of this Russell and Stoll – Stunning Nautical Light  allows it to be used as a ceiling light or as a post light. The watertight construction allows for installations in wet and harsh environment locations. To access the bulb, the top section of the light spins free of the base. The top section that spins off as one piece consists of the cage, the globe, and the large cast bronze section just below the globe.

We have installed a new bulb socket made by Westinghouse Electric that is UL-Listed and rated for any voltage under 250 volts. Additionally, we have installed new wiring including a ground wire that exits the light from the center of the base. The original conduit hole on the lower housing as been fitted with a threaded brass plug. The housing on this light has the original builders plate that includes the Underwriters Laboratory certification.


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