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Post Mounted Port Side Navigation Light - Real Antique!

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This is a great example of a real post mounted port side navigation light. This light is about 14 inches tall and about 8 inches wide. The weight of this post mounted port side navigation light is about 18 pounds. This light has an original base and mount plate that measures 5 1/2 inches wide and has four mount holes. This light has a very thick 360 degree Fresnel globe that is red in color. The lens has some very minor edge flakes and a weathered look.

This post mounted port side navigation light has been completely rewired with modern UL-Listed wiring. The new bulb socket was made by Westinghouse Electric and it takes a common screw in house bulb of 100 watts or less. The new UL-Listed wiring and bulb socket are all rated to work with any electrical voltage under 250 volts. This light also has a pre-installed new ground wire.

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