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Vintage Nautical Brass Wall Light

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Vintage Nautical Wall Light

This small nautical wall light weighs over 3 pounds.  It is 7.5 inches tall and when mounted to the wall, it will extend out by 4.75 inches.  The wall mount measures 4.5 inches wide and has two mount holes.  There is a dent on the bottom of the lights body.

We have re-wired this light and installed a new UL listed bulb fixture that holds a normal 60 watt house bulb.  All of our new wiring and bulb holders are rated for any voltage under 250 volts.

Mounting these small lights to existing in the wall junction boxes can be a challenge.  We have solved this installation problem by designing a brass adapter plate that mounts to the back of the light.  The plate is 6 inches in diameter and will cover nearly any American in-wall junction box.  This   makes for a cleaner looking installation.

These plates add $20.00 to each light. Order the plate when you order your light, and we will attach it to the light at no extra charge.

You will be shipped vintage nautical brass wall light that is shown in the photos.

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