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Federal Signal Beacon Ray Pendant Light


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Signal Beacon Pendant Light

This federal signal corporation beacon ray strobe light for hazardous locations would have been used as a rescue light for emergency situations on vessels such as fire boats. The lights were typically hooked up to a signaling horn and an explosion proof switch.

This Federal Signal Beacon Ray Strobe Light for Hazardous locations is stainless steel, it measures about 32 inches tall – from ceiling flange to base. The steel down rod measures about 18 inches. The ceiling flange is 3.25 inches in diameter with 4 mount holes. The light without the down rod is about 14 ½ inches tall and 8 ½ inches wide. The light weights about 14.2 Lbs.

We have removed the strobe and rewired with UL-Listed parts rated for up to 250 volts. To access the bulb fixture you simply unscrew at the light base then removing the red bulb cover. The light has been modified so the red bulb covering may be removed, this allows the light to shine clear. To remove the bulb cover just unscrew the nuts and remove.

The Dome guard on the outside of the ribbed globe is optional. By loosening the screws on the dome guard it can be easily slid off. The General Alarm plaque can be removed from those same screws as well.

All in all this light has several customization options.

You will be shipped a federal signal corporation beacon Ray Strobe Light For Hazardous locations light like that shown in the photos.


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