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Authentic Kelvin, Bottomley and Baird Ltd. Ship's Compass Binnacle

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Ship’s Compass Binnacle

Here we have an impressive ship’s compass binnacle by Kelvin, Bottomley and Baird.

The company was very prominent in the industry thanks to their illustrious owner, William Thomson. However, The ship’s compass on the inside of the binnacle was produced by W. Ludolph. The binnacle itself was produced in Glasgow, sometime between 1913 and 1947.

William Thomson, otherwise known as Lord Kelvin, was a Professor of Natural Philosophy at Glasgow University from 1846-1899. William’s father was a professor of mathematics at the University and taught his sons the latest mathematics well before the British curriculum caught up. At the age of ten, William was enrolled into the University and began winning prizes for his work by the age of 15. He was elected unanimously at the age of 22 to fill a vacancy at the University of Glasgow and he remained in that position for the rest of his career. He had a large number of designs for inventions or improving products due to his extensive studies into heat and mathematics.

James White founded his own firm named James White in 1850. By 1854, White was working closely with Thomson’s designs to produce electrical instruments. In 1876, White was providing accurate ship’s compasses and binnacles for metal ships according to Thomson’s design. In 1899, Thomson resigned from his position at the university and the next year, a new company was incorporated – Kelvin and James White Ltd. By 1913, the company underwent a name change to Kelvin Bottomley and Baird Ltd. In 1941, the company merged with Henry Hughes and Son, which became known as Kelvin and Hughes. (source can be found here)


Height: 56.5″
Length: 19″
Width: 31″
Weight: 180 lbs.

You will be shipped the authentic ship’s compass binnacle shown in the photos.

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