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Brass Old School Russian Alarm Bell


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Old School Russian Ship Alarm Bell

Check out this Old School Russian Ship Alarm Bell! Only the bell is brass, the rest of the item is not. These bells would have been introduced in different places on boats to advise group about various hazardous circumstance that might emerge. One commonly recognized alarm ring would be 7 short alarm rings followed by 1 long alarm ring to flag a fire on the boat.

This is a vintage alarm bell with a little plate-face containing Russian characters that we have not been able to decipher.  This alarm bell weighs 5.5 pounds.  It quantifies about 10.5 inches long x about 5.5 inches wide at its amplest part.  It will stretch out from the mounting surface by about 3.5 inches.

Working condition is not known. We have had customers report to us that they’ve restored this alarm to ring once again. Overall good condition with some surface wear from actual use on a vessel.

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You will be shipped the Old School Russian Ship Alarm Bell shown in the above photos.

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