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Brass and Copper Patinaed WISKA Pendant Light - B

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WISKA Nautical Pendant Light

This Patinaed WISKA Brass and Copper nautical hanging beehive pendant light is 32 inches tall – measuring from the ceiling flange to the 17 1/4 inch diameter base.  The glass lens is clear and undamaged.  The ceiling flange is 5 inches in diameter and has four mount holes.  This light weighs about 34 pounds. It has dents on both sides one larger than the other (shown in photos).  We can also create a custom length down rod for this light allowing you to have an exact height for your project.  Custom work costs a little extra, but could make all the difference for you.

This gorgeous nautical light has been totally rewired with all UL-Listed wiring and a porcelain bulb holder.  It takes a medium base bulb of 100 watts or less. The new wiring includes a ground wire and exits the light from the center of the ceiling flange. The new wiring is rated to work with any voltage under 250 volts.

We know some of our customers prefer a patinaed look so, we decided to let it form its natural dark patina!

Some pieces in this light design have been recast to make the light complete. All recast pieces we made to finish this light are 100% solid brass.

You will receive the Patinaed WISKA Brass and Copper nautical hanging beehive pendant light shown in the photos.

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