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Authentic Nautical Piling Light


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Authentic Nautical Piling Light

This is another authentic nautical piling light in our inventory. The light measures 13 inches tall and about 8 inches wide. The weight of the light is a little under 16 pounds. The base of this light measures 6 1/4 inches with four mounting holes.

This light has wear & tear from years of sea travel.

This nautical piling light has been completely rewired with modern UL-Listed wiring. The new bulb socket was made by Westinghouse Electric and it takes a common screw in house bulb of 100 watts or less. The wiring and bulb socket are all rated to work with any electrical voltage under 250 volts. To access the bulb area, undo the latch and flip open the top.

You will be shipped the authentic nautical piling light shown in the photos.

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