This is an original 22 1/4  X 28 1/4 inch polished aluminum porthole window for sale that weighs 28 pounds. The glass measures 18 X 24  inches. The glass is original and has minor wear. The polished aluminum frame has some wear but remains in good condition. The back side is flat (no flange).  The four closure dogs work freely and the wind opens and closes with no issues. The original rubber seal is in place and looks to seal just fine.

These authentic ship’s porthole windows of this size make a great bathroom mirror. You can have a mirror cut to fit right over the existing window and use some silicone to attach the new mirror to the old glass. This is a very easy process that does not require the removal of the original glass, and you can always remove the mirror at a later time. Want this made into a mirror, but do not want to do it yourself, we can add a mirror for $50.00 and ship it to you ready to hang!