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Set Of 3 Vintage Oil Burning Lights


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I found this three piece set of vintage oil burning lights together at the shipyard, but I am not 100% sure that they were made by the same maker. The center light has the makers’ mark “Ahlemann and Schlatter Breman”. The left and right hand lights do not have a makers mark, but may have been made by “Luz De Navegaco BB”.

Each of these three vintage oil burning lights are about 19 1/2 inches tall. The left and right lights are made to fit into a corner. Measuring from the point of the corner back to the curved front, each measures 11 inches deep x 13 inches wide. The Fresnel glass is clear, but there are red and green inserts on the inside which are removable. The center light has a flat back, and measures 9 1/2 inches wide.

The glass lenses are in very good condition but need some cleaning up. The oil burners look complete but have not been tested for working condition or leaks. You may need to replace the wicks and/or do some additional cleaning to them if you want to burn them.

The main housing of these lights is made of galvanized iron and the top covers are all three made of copper. The lights have surface rust and have been clear coated. The center light has some rust through on one corner on the bottom side (see photos). The left and right hand lights have no rusting through. The center light is missing part of the latch that holds the back access door closed. These lights may have some minor dents, dings, and scrapes that are not totally visible in the attached photos.

You will be shipped the set of 3 vintage oil burning lights shown in the photos.

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