This is one of the most impressive three piece set of original ship’s double stack navigation lights around!  Each light stands about 25 inches tall and measures about 14 inches wide.  Each light weighs about 30 pounds, so the three piece set of double stack navigation lights total weight is around 90 pounds.  These lights are made of copper and have some brass trim.  Each light has two fresnel globes, and they are made of 3/4 inch thick glass.  The globes are all in good condition with just some minor edge flaking, no cracks or holes.

The copper housing of each light will have some dents and dings as they are real lights recovered from a salvage yard operation.  The port and starboard lights have clear fresnel glass with a red and green colored insert behind the clear glass.  When you install bulbs and turn on the power, the red and green will really stand out!!

We have re-wired all three lights with all new UL-Listed wiring and two new bulb holders in each light.  The new electrical parts are rated to work with any voltage under 250 volts.  The bulb holders uses a normal screw in house bulb of 75 watts or less.  Each light in this set has a light weathered look.

You will be shipped the 3 piece set of double stack navigation lights shown in the photos.