Here is a clean, but weathered looking, authentic oil burning lamp.  You can’t find this look at Home Depot or Lowes!  With the top handle in the up position as shown, this lamp is 24 inches tall.  Fold the handle down, and it now stands just 20 1/2 inches tall.  Most of the housing is made of galvanized iron with the top vent cover made of copper.  This authentic oil burning lamp weighs just over 15 pounds.  Most of the outside surfaces of this light have been clear coated.  The 360 degree fresnel glass globe is in very good condition, but can use a little additional cleaning.  The top section of the housing flips open to give easy access to the oil burner area but there is no oil burner in this lamp.

The front badge reads “Ankerlight”.  It’s just a fancy way of telling you it was designed to be an anchor light!

An anchor light’s use is to be up high on the boat or ship’s mast while it is being moored.  The anchor light throws out a white light in a complete 360 degree circle so that it can be seen from any direction.

This authentic oil burning lamp was recovered from a salvage yard operation.  This light has some minor dents, dings, and scrapes that are not totally visible in the attached photos.  The housing does not show any signs of rusting through.

You will be shipped the authentic oil burning lamp shown in the photos.