You can’t find treasures like this, unless you shop with us!  Our salvage crews go after every vessel we can track down to bring you treasures like this authentic brass nautical search light. This monster search light weighs in at just under 100 pounds. This light measures 35 inches tall and the front lens is 22 inches wide.

The tag on the inside of the light shows it was made by “Francis Search Lights – Lucas Marine LTD, Bolton, England”. The tag also shows the max voltage as 240 and the max bulb wattage as 1000. The bulb that is in it now is 120 volts, and 2000 watts. Yes, that is not a typo, the bulb is 120 volts and 2000 watts. The bulb has not been tested, but a visual inspection leads me to think the bulb could be in working condition.  We have not rewired or tested the original wiring. If you plan on electrifying this unit, I recommend upgrading the wiring to more modern wiring.

This light has not been polished or restored in any way. You are looking it just the way it was unbolted from the deck of the vessel.

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