Looking for that weathered look?  Here you go!  This is a weathered-looking Ahlemann Schlatter oil burning lantern.  Made in Germany.  The main housing is galvanized iron and the top cover is copper.  With the top handle in the up position as shown in the photos, this lantern is 21 inches tall.  With the handle in the down position, the lantern measures 18 1/2 inches tall.  The base is 8 1/2 inches wide (not counting any of the hardware related to the handles).  The top cover is kept closed with the threaded thumb screw you see on the front.  As shown in the additional photos, the top section of the lantern opens to give easy access to the complete oil burner.  The oil burning system looks complete but has not been tested for function or leaks.  The oil burner may need a new wick.  This Ahlemann Schlatter oil burning lantern weighs about 12 1/2 pounds.  The 360 degree fresnel glass globe is undamaged, but needs some serious cleaning.

Most of the outside housing of this lantern has been clear coated and has surface rust.  This is an original lantern that was recovered from a salvage yard operation.  This Ahlemann Schlatter oil burning lantern may have some minor dents, dings, and scrapes that are not readily visible in the attached photos.  The housing does not show any signs of rusting through.

One of the four connecting rods that holds the top and bottom sections together is missing on this lantern.  The lantern is still solid as a rock!

You will be shipped the Ahlemann Schlatter oil burning lantern shown in the photos.