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Salvaged USS Forrestal Bulkhead Light


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Salvaged USS Forrestal Bulkhead Light

This salvaged USS Forrestal bulkhead light is original and unpolished cast brass (yes, it is brass under all that paint!).  Made by Russell & Stoll. From the top of the wall box mount to the bottom of the cage it measures about 9 inches tall x 5 inches wide (not including the mount lugs). When mounted to the wall it will extend out by about 7 inches. The four old conduit openings have been fitted with copper caps.  The light weighs about 10 pounds.

This light has been totally rewired with all new UL-Listed parts rated for any voltage of 250 volts or less.  The new bulb holder takes a medium base bulb of 75 watts or less.  A hole was drilled in the center of the wall mount on the back to allow the wiring to exit the light and not be visible.

This light is in original, as-found condition, paint and all.  It will have some surface wear and you can clean it up or leave it as is.  The milk glass globe is in good shape but does have some black splatters on the outside.

The USS Forrestal had a very colorful and long history – just Google her name for an interesting biography.  She was commissioned in 1955 and scrapped in December of 2015.

You will be shipped the salvaged USS Forrestal bulkhead light shown in the photos.

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