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Cast Brass Wall Light With Arm And Brass Cover - Weathered

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Product Description

This cast brass wall light with an arm makes a great interior or exterior passageway light. It is made of solid brass that will never rust! It has been fitted with a brass cover to dress it up a little.

**The top brass housing has a slightly weathered look to it. Also, the Glass Globe has chipping around the bottom edge.** – Shown in Photos

The light measures about 12 inches long and will extend down about 8 inches. The rain cover is 10.25 across. The mounting plate measures 3 inches across. There are three mount holes. The lights weigh around 4.2 pounds.

This light has been re-wired, including a ground wire, with an all new bulb fixture. All electrical parts we install are UL-listed and rated to work with any voltage under 250 volts. The bulb holder takes a 75 watt or less screw-in house bulb.

To access the bulb holder, just screw off the cage and lift out the glass globe.

**We offer a brass adapter plate that can help solve installation problems that you might encounter. At $20.00 apiece, the 6 inch brass adapter plate will mount over your already existing junction box. Talk to us if you have any questions about the adapter plate.**

You will be shipped the cast brass wall light with an arm like shown in the photos.

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