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Small Antique Brass & Copper Pendant Light


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Antique Brass & Copper Pendant Light

We have a few other pendant lights that look just like this one. However, this is the smallest version of the antique brass & copper beehive pendant light that we have in stock. Unfortunately, we only have one of these lights in stock. If you’re interested, make sure to pick up this item right away! It will be perfect light to hang in your small nautical room.

Pendant light Dimensions:

Diameter: 10.75″
Mounting Plate Diameter: 4″
Height: 19″
Weight: 9.1 lbs.

The original wiring has been removed from this pendant light and this item has been rewired with UL-Listed parts, rated for 10-250 volts. To access the globe, simply twist the bolts to the left to loosen the lid, then lift it.

You will be shipped the Small Antique Brass & Copper Pendant Light like that shown in the photos.

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