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The Great Lakes Steamer Chicora Photo

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You are looking at the The Great Lakes Steamer Chicora Photo. SS Chicora was a freight steamer and also a passenger ship. It was built in 1892 for service on the Great Lakes. It was considered to be one of Lake Michigan’s finest steamer.

The Chicora sank in Lake Michigan on January 21, 1895 off of  Milwaukee with a cargo of flour. On April 19, 1895 a witness claimed to have seen the Chicora stern down and bow up in the lake between South Haven and Saugatuck, Michigan on January 23,1895. There were two messages that appeared to be from the ship were found.  On April 14, 1895 a bottle containing a note reading “All is lost, could see land if not snowed and blowed. Engine give out, drifting to shore in ice. Captain and clerk are swept off. We have a hard time of it. 10:15 o’clock.”  A week later a jar was found in Illinois containing a note reading “Chicora engines broke. Drifted into trough of sea. We have lost all hope. She has gone to pieces. Good bye. McClure, Engineer.”

Just another great piece of nautical history about the Great Lakes!


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