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Mertie B. Crowley Schooner Photo

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You are looking at the Mertie B. Crowley Schooner Photo. Mertie B. Crowley was a 296 ft., a six-masted schooner that was built in Rockland, Maine, and was launched from the Cobb, Butler & Co. Shipyard in Rockland, Maine, on Aug. 24, 1907.

The schooner was built to carry coal cargoes and was 2,347 tons.

In late December of 1909, the Mertie B. Crowley ran aground north of Nantucket, between the Half Moon Shoal and Tuckernuck Shoal. Just a month later on Jan. 23, 1910, on a voyage from Baltimore to Boston, the Mertie B. Crowley would finally see her end.  Loaded with 4,850 tons of coal, the helmsman miscalculated their location and the ship ran aground on the shoal,(sand bar) three miles off of Martha’s Vineyard. The ship and cargo were all lost but the Capt., his wife, and all 13 crew members were rescued.

This painting was done by Stuart Leech and it is a painting of the Mertie B Crowley Jan., 1910*Wrecked Off Great Wasque Shoals, Capt.Wm. Haskell*Crew 13 Men*2824 Tons


Frame: 20″ long by 26″ wide
Picture: 17.5″ long by 23.5″ wide
Weight: 5.5 lbs.

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