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Liberty Ship Hatch Cover



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Product Description

Introducing the impressive Liberty Ship Hatch Cover, skillfully “finished” to preserve its wood’s integrity and enhance its visual appeal. This particular hatch cover, similar to our F13-03, possesses a slightly darker hue and is lighter in weight.

A Liberty hatch cover represents the final wooden hatch cover specifically crafted for the renowned Liberty Ships during World War II, serving as integral components of their flooring. These ships, totaling a mere 2,710 in number, played a vital role as indispensable workhorses throughout the war.

Prominently featuring handles used to lift and open it, this hatch cover establishes a tangible connection to its functional design. Notably, upon the black painted metal, you will find engraved numbers that read: U.S. PAT 864232.

Exhibiting extraordinary craftsmanship, this solid hatch cover assumes the role of a captivating centerpiece and enduring conversation starter. Possessing this unique and historically significant piece allows you to bring maritime history directly into your living space, igniting discussions about its origins, wartime significance, and remarkable artistry involved in its creation. It serves as an ideal addition for history enthusiasts, collectors, or anyone seeking distinctive and thought-provoking decor with a rich historical narrative.

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Length: 59 1/2″
Width: 26 1/2″
Thickness: 2″
Weight: 78 lbs.

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